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2023 MAFCA National Tour
"Backroads to the Classics"

This tour will be a circle tour, beginning and ending in the little town of Auburn, Indiana.  Some of the most beautiful automobiles in the world were designed and produced in Auburn.  On this tour, we will experience travel unlike other national tours in the past.  We are going in search of the worlds most beautiful automobiles produced  before, during, and after the Model A Era.  Our travels will take us across northern Indiana and into southwestern Michigan.  Our kickoff party will be held in NATMUS, and the final banquet will be held in the ACD Museum.  Both events will be closed to the public and  we will have the museums to ourselves!

There will be other automobile museums to visit along our travels.  In South Bend, Indiana, we will visit the Studebaker Museum. Fun fact: the museum is home to the carriage in which Abraham Lincoln rode to Ford’s Theater on that fateful night. Then it will be onward to Hickory Corners, Michigan and The Gilmore Car Museum Campus, home of the Model A Ford Museum.

The Auburn Automobile Company Showroom

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum

Auburn, Indiana

North American Automotive and Truck Museum

Auburn, Indiana

Early Ford V8 Foundation Museum

Auburn, Indiana

Model A Ford Museum

The Gilmore Car Museum

Hickory Corners, Michigan

Studebaker National Museum

South Bend, Indiana

Tips For Visiting Indiana Amish Country


Many Amish do not wish to be photographed. It is proper etiquette and polite to ask before snapping a photograph.

Shops In Indiana Amish Country

The town of Shipshewana is dry. However, LaGrange county is not. If you are looking for a favorite local establishment to grab a drink try Beauty and the Bull.

The Amish are people just like you and me. Be mindful. Trespassing on their property is not acceptable. You wouldn’t want strangers coming onto your property to take photos of your family, and neither do they.

Bring cash in Amish country. Many vendors and stores do not take credit/debit cards.

Indiana is home to the largest per capita population of Amish in the US

Scenic drives through the backroads of the Northern Indiana Amish Country will have you basking in the simple joys of life. Delight in a home-cooked meal, swing on a front porch and experience the Amish culture in ways you never thought possible

Northern Indiana is home to the third-largest Amish region in the United States. From their famous auction and flea markets to stunning quilt gardens, there are plenty of great things to do during your visit. 

Indiana Amish Country is in located mostly in the north-central portion of Indiana. It includes the towns of Elkhart, Shipshewana, Goshen, Middlebury, Nappanee, Bristol and Wakarusa. Many of the Amish live in nearby communities and the rural countryside of these cities.

A highlight of visiting any Amish Country is the charming shops that are full of locally-crafted goods. These shops not only support local families but often offer higher quality products.


Whether you are looking for furniture, quilts, or tasty Amish treats, there are plenty of great shopping spots you don’t want to miss. The Davis Mercantile and Yoder’s Red Barn Shoppes are a must stop while passing through Shipshewana. The Old Bag Factory, along with the Dutch Village Market, are a few other popular spots.